August Heat & New Furniture!

August Heat & New Furniture!

August is always so hot. We get spoiled in July. Most of July is quite pleasant, but then comes August and summer is truly upon us. Diana and I are adjusting Barnaby’s walking schedule. He has to go out super early and around 7 before sunset at 8. He hasn’t complained about the change! I stay in during the heat of the day and do most of my writing, reading, and painting then. Watching the weather reports of other areas makes me glad that we decided not to move back east. I’m not sure that I could take the constant humidity anymore. 

Of course, staying home like this gave me more time to look at our dining room and living room furniture with a critical eye. Did I really like the combination Boho/farmhouse thing we had going on? Nope. And did I like the color scheme of blues into turquoise that we had going on? Nope. Whoa! August is causing me to want to redo everything.  

So, bottom line, we’ve decided to get new living room and dining room furniture. It’s a decision based on “well you’re not going to move cross country after all so to make you feel better, reinvent your living space.” As you can imagine, this is a really big deal. It’s a big investment and the two of us want to be happy with our collective choices.

When my daughter and I decided to move into together we combined furniture. She had a coastal vibe going and I had a NYC traditional vibe going. Combining was a trick. We eventually forgave ourselves and sold or donated pieces so that our home wouldn’t look like a large storage unit (I have to be honest about this, I still miss my beautiful dining room table. But it simply didn’t fit in anywhere). This time we’re going a bit modern with a sculptural feel to it. Of course, our main discussion point was how to fit in more bookcases. Apparently, I’m at fault for buying too many books – this is my daughter’s claim as three of her books sit on the kitchen counter waiting to be squeezed in somewhere! 

Today Diana got a text that the dining room table is on its way and the new hutch is about to go to the carrier. I am so stoked. We still have to order the new bookcase. In that regard, I do need to send out a thanks to Rosemarie. It was her suggestion about making the one bookcase into a tall one that caused us to move out our present credenza and move the short bookcase to where the credenza had been and get the taller one to be in the short bookcase’s place. 

Now we’ll have to move quite a bit of the artwork. Some of the paintings don’t go with the new furniture. This is exciting also. Since my back is finally quite a bit better from my back surgery, I can raise my arms without taking pain pills. It’s time; I’m able to paint again. I already have ideas for what I’m painting for over the new couch and over the new bookcase. August is hot, but it’s going to be such fun in our home. I wish you all as much fun! 

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