July, July!

July, July!

July! And it’s finally July 4th weekend. We’re waiting for the one or two goof heads to set off their own firecrackers.. I don’t know how, but our dog seems to know that hiding in the guest bathroom is the safest room in the house. There are no windows in there and he hates the noise of the firecrackers. At any rate, it seems to be less this year than years past. Perhaps everyone has finally gotten the idea that it’s best to leave the firework displays to the professionals. Bastille Day is also coming up. July 14th is the date. There’s a military parade in Paris and people sing “La Marseillaise” and wave tricolored flags. The Louvre Museum is free entrance that day. Oh, to be in Paris this year! I should hunt for a cozy mystery that takes place in Paris during the celebration. It could have a good setting.

On an entirely different note – I found a website with our club’s name, The Cozy Mystery Book Club. It is an awesome website because it offers free cozies to download. I use the app BookFunnel, but Kindle works as does simply downloading it to your computer. My only problem is that besides downloading to BookFunnel I continue to click on Kindle. This causes me to have even more to read each month. I tried to organize my to be read books by entering them on an EXCEL worksheet, but it’s like trying to explain infinity to a youngster. As soon as the TBR books are alphabetized there are more to enter. Such problems!!!

Importantly, we are about to go through a rebranding exercise. Our MeetUp book club is called The Cozy Mystery Book Club and our website is called acozydeath.com. We’re considering renaming our MeetUp club to go with the website. Watch for more information. I think this rebranding will be exciting.

Reminder, reminder: Looking for paragraphs to go with our first sentences. Enter the contest. You can find the contest entry form on the Menu under Contests.
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