From Redecorating to Triptychs

From Redecorating to Triptychs

OMG, it’s already October. I can barely stand it. The year is going, going, almost gone! Well, we haven’t let it go by without doing a lot.

We had originally planned on moving, but we decided not to and to stay put. As a result, we’re redecorating. This means new furniture, new color scheme, new, new, new! I’m kind of into it. At first, I thought that I’d miss my old chair. It’s taken me through two knee surgeries and countless back surgeries. However, Diana picked out comfy chairs and I’m delighted. The dining room table is handsome, and the couch is Barnaby’s favorite piece of furniture. I have to laugh. He likes the fur throw so much that I hesitate to even use it. He uses the stairs to hop on and ever so often he seems to watch the television in the room (I think he likes cartoons).

We’re waiting for the new bookcase to be delivered. A girl can never have too many bookcases. Since the ceiling is high, I promised Diana that I would paint something for over the bookcase. I’ve decided to do a triptych to challenge myself. I’ve never done that kind of painting before, so this is the time. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Meanwhile, I finally finished my book, Unprincipaled Death. I still have to add the recipes, which I hate to type. For some reason, typing the little fractions of spoonful of spices and cups of this and that causse me to lose my line up so I have to slow down and watch what I’m doing. It’s not the end of the world, but I have procrastinated in doing it. As soon as I add the recipes I can work on publishing. Wahoo!

This is the last semester of college for my last tutoring student. I have worked with the young man since he was in second grade. He’s now 6’4” tall so when I talk about seeing so much growth in someone, I have to laugh about the image I’m creating. However, he is a nice young man and has a plan for what he’ll do after graduation. I’ll probably miss the exchange of information and conversation over Facetime, but it’s time to finish. A few months ago I heard from the mother of a student I had tutored years ago. After I had taught Demetrius to read better and some study skills for someone who is ADHD my time with him was over. He is now even taller than the other young man. Demetrius is 6’7” tall and is a basketball player for his college. His mom called me to tell me that he still uses some of the study skills to work through his classes in college. It was as if she had given me a present. How lovely to know and I thanked her profusely. You never know when that’s going to happen.

Enjoy this month … happy Halloween!

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