Cozy News: August

Cozy News: August

We have two winners for our paragraph contest.

Yeah for them! You know we’re going to do a first chapter contest now! Maybe our winners can be persuaded to expand their concepts and
write chapters, or you can pick one of the paragraphs and do yourself proud. Novels can be launched that way.

C’mon, what’s to lose? Enter the chapter contest. The chapter can be as
short as two pages to sky’s the limit.

Congratulations Rosemarie and Stephanie.

Their paragraphs are below. Choose one to write an introduction for your first chapter.

Stephanie J

I didn't know what I would find inside the secret room of my
newly renovated condo, but the dead body of my realtor was
definitely not it. I mean, I was no fan of Gigi, for sure. I had cursed
her a million times during the renovation for talking me into this
condo that required so much TLC, but I don't recall ever wishing her
dead. As I was wondering who did want her dead, Detective
Maraschino appeared in my doorway. Apparently, not only did I leave
my door slightly ajar after trying to kick it shut with arms loaded with
groceries, but I had screamed loud enough to disturb one of the
neighbors who called the police. And guess who shows up with his
usual sass hitting me with, "What have you started now, Ms. Limón?"
"Nothing!" I said defensively, then blurting out, "I had my arms full
and tripped coming into the kitchen and fell right into that fresh
drywall with Gigi behind it!"

Rosemarie S

I found myself sipping a tall glass of lemonade in my backyard,
contentedly admiring my lusciously green garden, completely
oblivious to the fact that my passion for horticulture would
soon unravel a sinister secret. It was one of those idyllic
afternoons, where the world seemed to fade away amidst the
serenity of a familiar landscape. The vibrant petals of my prized
roses bloomed proudly, nodding their delicate heads as if whispering
secrets only they knew. Little did I realize that my seemingly innocent
passion for horticulture was about to entangle me in a web of
mystery. As I soaked up the tranquility, completely oblivious to the
impending storm, fate was conspiring to test my detective skills.
Unbeknownst to me of course, beneath the lush exterior, my garden
harbored a sinister secret that would soon blossom into a case
begging to be solved.

We’re very proud of you!
If you have any news that’s for the group, please let us know. We’re delighted to print it.
Karin and Tahlia

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