Cozy News: July

Cozy News: July

We’ve rebranded!

We’re now called A Cozy Death Book Club on Meetup.

There were several reasons for this. The most important of them was that there are many “The Cozy Book Club” organizations around. It’s true that we were the only ones on Meetup, but there’s a separate one on Facebook, another on Instagram, and still another with its own site online. Each of them has large followings and we wanted to be distinct from them. The other of the more important reasons was that we wanted to align with our website more closely. Our website is not part of Meetup, but we do a lot of our club business by way of our website. Our contests run on it, we have our news on it, and we have our recipes on it. The Meetup portal does not allow for different type fonts, photos, or the odd inserts that make reading a bit more fun. We hope that you find the new brand as fun as the former. Tongue in cheek titles generally tickle our fancy!

Ladies, we have a contest running. Please send your paragraph entries through the contest portal. Use those creative chops and win a prize. Meanwhile, my thanks to Rosemarie and Tahlia for cohosting the May A Cozy Mystery Book Club. I had been out of commission for several weeks due to a recent surgery and they stepped up and did a marvelous job. Prizes for the May game went to Georgina, Lori, and Donna. Then, in June, we played Jeopardy. Wasylyna came in first with Mary and Georgina tied for second. Prizes go to all – and soon! I’m sending them out this week as well as mailing the prizes for the sentence contest to Rosemarie and Lori.

Oh, ladies! Ill health is a bummer. It sets one behind on so much. We would like to hear from you about products that you’d like to see on our website – Your wish is our command (of course, within reason!!). Membership pins and club t-shirts are possibilities. Let us know in the comments section of the website, or send a message.

The book selections for the next several months are listed below, you can find these anytime, all year round on our new page A Year in Books.

July: A Murderous Persuasion by Katie Oliver

August: any of Kathy Manos Penn’s books (you can find them on Goodreads and Amazon as well as Kindle).

September: The Marlow Murder Club by Thorogood

October: A Catered Halloween by Isis Crawford

November: Peppermint Barked by Leslie Budewitz

December: “The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding” story by Agatha Christie and Share-out a Favorite book that we haven’t read with the group.

We can’t wait to see you all. RSVP for a meeting; they’re fun!

Warmly, Karin and Tahlia

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