Cozy News: May

Cozy News: May

Folks, we had a really good time hosting Misty Simon, aka Gabby Allan. She was funny, informative, and simply wonderful! I wish that you’d all been there. We’ve scheduled another author for a visit in August. More information about August will come soon.

At our April meeting, we announced our “First Sentence of a Cozy " winners
Mystery” Contest.” Rosemarie and Lori are our winners, and we’ll use their sentences for our “First Paragraph of a Cozy Mystery” Contest. Please enter. We had a healthy response to the April contest, but did YOU enter? Enter this time. You might win. The winning sentences are:

Rosemarie’s: I’m sipping a tall glass of lemonade in my backyard, admiring my lusciously green garden, completely oblivious to the fact that my passion for horticulture will soon reveal that petunias were not the only things buried there.

Lori’s: I didn’t know what I would find inside the secret room of my newly renovated condo, but the dead body of my realtor was definitely not it.

For the contest, you’ll be able to pick the sentence that you want, and that sparks your paragraph. Entering is done on the Contest page. Oh, come on – you know you want to enter and win. It’s only a paragraph!

On another note, for this coming meeting, May 28th, we’re reading A Cotswold Killing by Rebecca Tope. We’ll be playing a Wordle type of game based on the book. Since I’m a Wordle fan and share my Wordle successes and failures daily; this game appeals to me. If you want to get ready, try out the regular game. It puts “morning brain” into gear (along with that second cup of java).

The novel for our June 25th meeting is Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien. She includes 
recipes. I’m looking forward to reading this book. It’s got good reviews and should be great fun. We hope that you are reading the blog site on In fact, you might consider signing up for the blog. You’ll get it in your email automatically. We’d be interested in finding out if any products tickle your fancy. If there’s something that we can locate for you and then put it up on the site for purchase. Please let us know. Our core committee members are Annette, Zabelle, Rosemarie, Diana, Tahlia, and me. All of us participate in searching out what might be of interest to you. We’re interested in hearing from you. The items should have something to do with our club’s focus.
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