Cozy News: October

Cozy News: October

We had a fun, fun meeting in September. First we talked about the book—who liked Elizabeth Peters’s The Hippopotamus Pool  and why and, of course, who didn’t and why. Then, we played The Hippopotamus Pool Bingo game. Betty got five in a row, winning the game after several rounds. About 25 people attended.

This month (October 23rd) we’ll be discussing Agatha Christie’s Halloween Party and playing Bob for Apples. Get the answer to the question on the back of the apple right and you get your Cozy Mystery Apple. If you’ve RSVP’d that you’re coming, please do. We expect you and look forward to your participation. Thirty-seven people have signed up!

We have several members from different time zones in the United States. From now on I will be listing the times for the meetings in the different zones. Watch for yours.

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