Cozy News: September

Cozy News: September

Oh my goodness, I’m late this month with our news. It’s great news, nonetheless. First, we had an amazing August meeting with Kathy Manos Penn. She spoke to the club through all of our internet shenanigans and was gracious and informative throughout. Kathy’s journey to becoming a noted author is inspiring and one that I will hold onto. I loved that she really has animals like she describes in her books and absolutely understand her conversing with each. I seriously think it’s normal – ask Diana’s and my Barnaby. I have deep, existential conversations with him on a daily basis and I’m sure that he not only understands but responds! Kathy told us
quite a bit about how she came to describe the cottage in the Cotswolds that Leta lives in and explained the map of the village. It was one of the most delightful sessions we’ve had, and I can’t wait to read book 10. I asked that she come back again, and Kathy said “yes.” I’m going to hold her to that promise.

Other news: dum dah de dum (and a drum roll, please) – Rosemarie and Stephanie won the first paragraph contest. We are proud as punch of them and include the paragraphs here:

Stephanie J:
I didn’t know what I would find inside the secret room of my newly renovated condo, but the dead body of my realtor was definitely not it. I mean, I was no fan of Gigi, for sure. I had cursed her a million times during the renovation for talking me into this condo that required so much TLC, but I don’t recall ever wishing her dead. As I was wondering who did want her dead, Detective Maraschino appeared in my doorway. Apparently, not only did I leave my door slightly ajar after trying to kick it shut with arms loaded with groceries, but I had screamed loud enough to disturb one of the neighbors who called the police. And guess who shows up with his usual sass hitting me with, “What have you started now, Ms. Limón?” “Nothing!” I said defensively, then blurting out, “I had my arms full and tripped coming into the kitchen and fell right into that drywall with Gigi behind it!”

Rosemarie S:
I found myself sipping a tall glass of lemonade in my backyard, contentedly admiring my lusciously green garden, completely oblivious to the fact that my passion for horticulture would soon unravel a sinister secret. It was one of those idyllic afternoons, where the world seemed to fade away amidst the serenity of a familiar landscape. The vibrant petals of my prized roses bloomed proudly, nodding their delicate heads as if whispering secrets only they knew. Little did I realize that my seemingly innocent passion for horticulture was about to entangle me in a web of mystery. As I soaked up the tranquility, completely oblivious to the impending storm, fate was conspiring to test my detective skills. Unbeknownst to me of course, beneath the lush exterior, my garden harbored a sinister secret that would soon blossom into a case begging to be solved.

Congratulations, ladies. We’re on for the next contest. Check out this page for information about the contest and the deadlines. It will be fun.

Meanwhile, our book for the 24th of September is The Marlow Murder Club. If you haven’t signed up yet do so. The book is by Robert Thorogood, and I totally enjoyed this one and can’t wait for the next. The book for October is ‘Til Death by Carol J. Perry. If you’re searching for it online, make sure that you include the “J” for her name. Apparently there’s another Carol Perry who is an author. We have a section of the website called A Year in Books that lists all of the books for the year. Before Thanksgiving we’ll have a new product on our page that’s a “What I’ve Read” organizer notebook. We’re getting it ready. It will be in notebook form and include a section on which you can jot a couple of phrases or sentences to help jog your memory for what the book is about (I need all of the jogging I can get). It will be just in time for the holidays so save your pennies so that you can give it as gifts.

Until next month ….


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