My July Nightstand

My July Nightstand

There are so many books to read. I need to use the Evelyn Wood fast reading skill. I don’t really enjoy my books when I read that fast, however.

Here are some books that I’m presently reading:

Bad, Bad Seymour Brown by Susan Isaacs has Corie Geller, a once FBI agent, retired and living a quiet life in a NYC suburban McMansion, getting involved with a film professor who somebody tried to kill. Why and who are part of the plot. There are many red herrings and a cast of really interesting characters. I like Corie Geller and hope that Susan Isaacs writes more novels with her as a main character.

Then, I have Charlotte Illes is not a Detective by Katie Siegel in the dining room so I can read while clearing the table (not efficient, but who cares? I hate doing dishes and love to read). The book is a hoot so far. Charlotte is 25 and lives in New Jersey. She is not a detective, but circumstances and plot maneuvering cause her to have to help her brother’s girlfriend. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. 

Sujata Massey’s The Widows of Malabar Hill is in the office. This is a room that I share with my daughter. Our desks are on opposite sides of the room, and we sit back to back separated by the dog’s playthings (Barnaby is very well-treated!). When Diana wants to make sure that I’m quiet, she reminds me to read my book. I’m delighted to read this one. It’s about the only female lawyer in 1920’s Bombay. Perveen Mistry finds herself investigating the conditions of three widows of a man who recently died and whose will is signed by each of the three widows, but one is with an “X.” Since the women each live in purdah and the will stipulates that the entire inheritance should go to charity, Perveen begins to investigate whether the widows have been taken advantage of. I haven’t finished this book either, but I love learning about a culture with which I’m not familiar (Perveen comes from a Zoroastrian following family) during a period of time when India was still a colony of Great Britain. It’s a good read and my edition also has recipes!!


Of course, on my nightstand are my TBR books. Oh my word, the pile gets higher and higher. Peril at the Pellicano Hotel by Adriana Licio is being manhandled every time I get a new book. I have to move the old TBRs to fighting position as first, second, and third. Then, there’s as second in line, I have To Catch a Leaf by Kate Collins. I understand that I’ll enjoy her writing. I’m on my way, Kate! Krista Davis’s The Diva says Cheesecake makes me hungry and is third, while T. A. William’s Murder in Tuscany comes in number four. 


Fighting to get to the top of the pile is The Scottish Ladies’ Detective Agency by Lydia Travers. At the bottom of my mystery pile is A Murder of Crows by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett.  

I also have my regular reads – you know, the ones that aren’t mysteries. I’m beginning the Elizabeth Jane Howard Cazalet family books. I loved the series on television and didn’t want to give it up. The books are huge, but I’m in love with each family member. I’m also rereading the Balkan Trilogy by Olivia Manning. I think it’s because of the Ukranian-Russian war that the book stood up and shouted “me, me, me!” 

Let us know what you’re reading. We’re interested and we’ll put it on our posts!

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